‘In the beginning, which some time before the Treaty of Waitangi, God made some stuff – like kumara and kiwifruit, kauri and rimu.’

It started with the original Kiwi Bible, which went down a treat with a whole stack of readers. The team then got together to bring you the prequel: The Kiwi Bible: Some of the Early Stuff. This new tome is specifically early pre-Jesus stuff. There’s a heap of narrative, ten fairly basic rules, a couple of poems and then it’s rounded off by a few reasonably with-it guys fair ripping into the crowd for what they were up to.

Welcome to the Kiwi Bible...
How on earth do you go about writing a Bible? It’s a couple of millennia since the last major Bible-writing exercise took place, so this means there’s currently a shortage of people who know how to put a Bible together. More...
What they're saying:
The Bible is a living document with more variations on the theme than any other document on earth. Chris Grantham has masterly ‘translated’ some of it into modern topical Kiwi vernacular with considerable panache and flair. Well done Chris.
- Dick Hubbard

Chris Grantham has managed to take the ever relevant truth of the life of Jesus and make it sound like Barry Crump! This is definitely worth a read.
Mark de Jong, Parachute Music, Chief Executive

The more I read about Jesus, the more I am convinced he'd have been right at home in a rural Kiwi pub, sinking an ale. Chris Grantham has written an intriguing and thought-provoking take on how some of the New Testament might look from across the A & P showgrounds in heartland New Zealand.
Rob Harley, Christian author and communicator

Who says the Bible's dull? This is a humorous – yet by no means diluted – contemporary perspective of the most popular book ever written.
Nathan King, singer/songwriter.

The Kiwi Bible is refreshingly unique. It's great to read God's living words in the language and style of your typical Kiwi bloke.
Ian Grant

Right from the first page I was captivated with this book and read it straight through at one sitting....Grantham's writing is lively, with a touch of humour.
Daystar magazine